How to Improve Your Memory by Games and New Activities

The Difference between Your Brain and Your Computer.

To the disappointment of many, your brain does not function similarly to your computer. When your computer starts to get a bit lackadaisical, it is easy to simply buy a memory chip that can be inserted into it.

However, there is no simple computer chip for the human brain. The way your brain’s memory increases is by constant mental exercise. One method to do that is by playing your own games to improve your memory.

Increasing the Capacity of Your Memory.

Our minds need to be exercised on a regular basis. By doing daily mental exercises, it becomes much easier to remember the things with which one might otherwise struggle. In the same fashion as the body, the brain does not function as well as it otherwise could, unless it is exercised. So you are able to increase your brain’s health and with it to improve your memory by playing mental games.

Below you find some examples of memory games to be implemented in daily life. I am sure they stimulate you to find out your own original games and extend the list.


When driving, if you are the sort of person that uses a GPS device, do your best to not simply tacitly rely on it. Rather than following the turn-by-turn directions delivered to you by an electronic voice, do your best to memorize the route that it gives you.

Also, you might want to try remembering how to get home without it, or trying to negate its use the next time you go to the familiar location.

Try New Things.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a place that gives the occasional lecture, do yourself the favor of attending one. There are probably some volunteer organizations in your area; look into it and volunteer doing something you are interested in! Reading is also a great way to give the brain some exercise.

There are books on every subject; find a book about something you’re interested in, and dive in headfirst!

Also, as far as reading goes, there are probably puzzles in your local newspaper. If you are going to read the newspaper anyway, take a few minutes out of your day to solve the crossword puzzle, challenge yourself to a word scramble, or tackle the latest Sudoku.

Develop a New Hobby or Pick Up an Old One.

If there is a guitar in your closet that you haven’t played in years, brush the dust off. If there is a language you used to speak but haven’t practiced in years, or a language that you’ve always wanted to learn, then now is the time.

Practicing a new language, or fiddling around with instruments is a great way to get your brain to think in different ways-ways in which it may not have had to think in quite some time!

If there is nothing that you are already itching to do, then perhaps cruising to the local hobby store would behoove you. There might be something there that strikes your eye. Otherwise, try building a model. Following precise directions, and working with intricacies is great mental practice.

Just Be Original.

There are innumerable ways to play games and improve memory ability at the same time. Next time you find yourself at a theater, glance around before the performance and randomly assign strangers a color.

At the end of the evening, look around the hall and see how many of the people you can still accurately associate with their randomly assigned color. Games like this have the ability to make everyday situations fun, and are also productive uses of time.

In Summation.

The brain, like the rest of the body, needs to be exercised if it is expected to function properly. Exercise the mind regularly, and it will continue to function well.

By way of introducing simple memory games into everyday situations, and trying new things, new neural synopses are formed in the brain that encourage memory retention and effective cognition.