How to Copy Computer Games and Play Them Without a Mod Chip

In this article I will be discussing what you will need and what you won’t need to copy Xbox 360 games. This method applies to all video game consoles that use compact disks to play their games with.

I was going to describe a method of game copying that involves soldering another piece of hardware to your console system which is commonly called a modulation chip, or mod chip for short but there’s a better way to make backups of your favourite games and here I will list why I think using a system that doesn’t involve a modulation chip is better.

Mod chips are usually very expensive and even though they will save you money in the long run it’s really hard to justify their hefty price tag. Modulation chips are also hard to fit to your computer and you will need expert knowledge in the field to be able to correctly fit one, after all if you mess this part up you will have a computer system that fails to play computer games and that is not acceptable.

So forget adding chips to your game console, or even taking your system apart because to copy computer games you no longer need a degree in Engineering you simply need a desktop computer or a laptop that has the ability to copy disks. You will also need a blank disk, the original Xbox 360 game and a step by step tutorial with special software which allows the game to be copied in the first place.

What I did to copy my video games and play them without a mod chip was firstly to install special software that allows you to break copyright protection don’t worry this is perfectly legal if you’re the owner of the game, next insert the original Xbox 360 game and then you simply wait for the program to tell you to insert the blank disk and it will copy the game onto the blank disk with ease.