How to Burn PS3 Games and Copy More

You must be a fortunate owner of a PS3 system, and probably pondered on just how you can burn your own PS3 games and make copies of all the good games. Although the PS3 evolved to this great system, PlayStation did not create a way to persevere the games from scratches. Now when your game becomes damaged and you spent 60 plus bucks on it, and they don’t offer to replace your games this sucks. The only good thing about the Blu ray disk is that they can hold a lot of data but where is the protection? One bad scratch and its game over for your 60 dollar game that you spent your hard earned money on. So what’s the solution?

People search for a solution everyday to safely burn a PS3 game. In the case of any situation which includes, scratching or damage to the disk you need help. Now you have to be thankful for technology because you can burn PS3 games and keep your originals protected.

On the other hand Sony has caught on so they try to make the games so that you can’t copy them, but now there’s new software that will allow you to do just that. This makes it easy to copy the game if you have the right software.

Here is what you need to burn PS3 games: A computer, A DVD burner, a backup disk, the original game and our special software to enable stealth burning. Once you have all these items it’s easy as pie. You’ll be putting your game into the computer and making as many copies as you need it usually takes about 30 minutes with the burner I use. It depends on your processor speed how fast you can go. But once it’s completed you will have your backup copy of your game instantly.

It’s easy to make backup copies of PS3 games and keep them safe out of harm’s way.