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Wii Games and Wii Accessories

Wii games are loaded with hours of fun for anyone, you can be a child at play or an elder with time to explore, this package has a game for you. The console doesn’t take up much space its slim frame allows you to place it almost any where you desire. The Wii console is rugged enough to travel, even so, you don’t have to.

With this game can you interact with friends across the world over the internet. You to go online through your computer to compete world wide with other players online. You can download other Wii games, music, movies and more, a rainy day has a different meaning when you have a game system.

The Wii remote has a built in speaker to add sound to your motions, just a flick of the wrist and the remote will sound off the motion. When playing baseball, the Wii remote will sound off your swinging motion, in golf you’ll hear all of your strokes, and the remote acts as a racket when you’re playing tennis, the remote will keep the excitement in all your gaming actions.

Nintendo games are endless, you have so many options to choose from starting with Golf, Bowling, Boxing, Sonic Wii, Mario Cart Wii, Wii Sport, Wii Fit, not to mention that men, women and children can keep in shape the fun way with Wii Fit balance board in the Wii bundle pack, you also have Rock band Wii, and for the girly girls, Wii even thought about them when they added the Pom Poms to Wii Holiday accessories, not to mention every girls dream of becoming a star like Hannah Montana. Remember as a child we all thought we were rock stars, now you can be part of the action with Beatles Rock Band.

The accessories are endless, you have the Nunchuk, steering wheel, boxing glove and so much more, it seems there’s a never ending supply of games and accessories to keep you busy forever.

When electronic games we’re first introduced to the public, we were amazed at the technology of interacting on the screen, at the time, we didn’t mind that the motions were limited and the player weren’t life like, instead, we had little dots moving across the screen. With today’s technology, computer games have real life images you can relate to, you have life like images, speakers sounding off to motion while watching your process on your TV, playing a Wii game would be the next best thing to actually being there, with Wii, you’re the star, it’s your stadium and the crowd came to see you.

Accounting Fraud and Computer Crimes Create Need For Qualified Investigators

An epidemic of white-collar financial crime has resulted in the development of specialized education programs focused on economic crime investigation and fraud management. These college-level degree programs attract students who are interested in law enforcement and are attracted by the very unique nature of these types of crimes and the special investigative techniques required to solve them.

There seems to be no end to the greed in the hearts of some professional business people. It isn’t enough to have fancy cars, vacation homes and other lavish perks of the highly successful. Many selfish individuals have decided to play a risky game of “milk-the-company-for-all-it’s-worth” to fuel an unhealthy appetite to acquire more “things” for no other reason than to have them. As a result, books are cooked, balance sheets become unbalanced and finally, as in the case of Enron, there is nothing left to share with the shareholders.

Economic crime is a broad category encompassing a variety of offenses all of which are focused on bilking a private company, government agency or other professional institution out of their financial resources. Individuals at any level of an organization including, as we have seen in recent years, the most senior management, may perpetrate these crimes. And the methods that they use may be highly sophisticated including manipulating computer systems or fudging accounting records.

A fraud investigator must be highly educated and well versed in the financial and technological systems and practices that may have been altered or doctored in some way. Terms like “computer forensics and “accounting forensics” have entered the lexicon of crime investigators as they begin probing a crime scene that does not contain blood evidence, signs of violence or even an obvious victim. But these are certainly not victimless crimes.

Hundreds of major corporations, government institutions and law enforcement agencies are staffing up with economic crime specialists, fraud investigators and fraud management specialists. The need for qualified investigators has prompted colleges to develop specialized curricula devoted to the study of economic crime prevention. Some schools feature Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in Economic Crime. The courses are usually instructed by faculty members experienced in economic crime investigation and computer crime control. Right now, more than 90% of their Bachelor’s in Economic Crime Investigation graduates are working in professional positions relevant to their career interests.

Graduates with these unique, highly specialized degrees are in great demand. A number of colleges are now making these programs available for online study. That means that, no matter what your current commitments or time constraints, these very attractive and potentially lucrative and rewarding degree programs are available to almost anyone. Who knows, at some point in the not-too-distant future you may be instrumental in finding, apprehending and convicting economic criminals that are stealing from us all.

Console Gaming and Casual Gaming

If you’ve ever had a few minutes to kill at work, if you’ve ever had nothing to do in a day but sit around goofing off on the computer, then you know how addictive and fun games can be on your web browser. In the past, we didn’t have many options outside of buying a gaming console or getting a PC powerful enough to play the newest games, but if you’re only a casual gamer, why spend that much money?

The games you can play through your web browser are free, and very easy to pick up and play, which is why so called “casual gamers”, people who only play games on their cell phones or on the web, actually form a larger percentage of the gaming population than what you’d call the “hardcore gamers”, the people playing tournament games and consoles. Simply put, there’s no threshold to cross to enjoy these games in terms of money or skill or experience. These games are more accessible to everyone and, many would argue, a lot more fun.

“Hardcore” games are becoming more and more demanding. You may have fond memories of those hack and slash adventure games from your youth, but try and pick one up today and you’ll be met with a half hour of story before you’re even allowed to slash a single monster. Fighting games are becoming harder to jump right into for a quick match, too, demanding that you customize your characters and memorize a list of special moves as long as your arm if you want to stand a chance. Browser games, on the other hand, are really all about fun. In fact, it’s kind of ironic that they’re so addictive, because most of them are designed to be played beginning to end in an hour or so, but we often wind up spending an entire afternoon trying to beat our score on some ridiculous little puzzle or action game.

Another upside to the browser games you’ll find on these gaming sites is that they’re not usually made by big companies or corporations. They’re made by people of all ages and of all backgrounds with a little bit of programming knowledge, a good idea and some time to kill. This means you’ll see a lot of fun, weird ideas. Ideas that make for great games, but are too wild and ridiculous for any mainstream game developer to take seriously, but the very fact that some of these games are so weird and silly is why we can’t stop playing them.