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What Makes a Good Game, and Where Will it Lead Us From Here?

Considering the variety of different games available to us, let alone the type of games; flash, Internet, computer, video game, it’s really hard to be able to say what makes a good game a good game. However, no matter how hard of a question this is, many people are still asking it. I’m sure I could list a few games I love in the console world such as Need For Speed and the ever popular Tom Clancy trilogies, but just because I may like these games, doesn’t mean everyone else does! Examples of good games are out there but, they don’t really answer the question at hand. All in all I think for everyone, the question; what is a good game? Comes down to a few major attributes. These attributes are included in the following paragraphs, these are of course generalizations and don’t count towards or include game titles, there are merely categorical opinions.

The Game Design – In some instances you may hear people talking about the design of the game, and how it does or doesn’t “work” with the game. Usually when people are talking about the design they are speaking in specifics of how the game was set up, and the rules of the game or the rules of engagement so to speak. The phrase is also expended to distinguish both the game design embodied in an actual game as well as software documentation that identifies such a design. Other attributes of the gaming design include; narrative, mechanics, visual arts, programming and audio.

Game Play – This includes all player experience during the interaction with gaming systems, particularly formal games. Appropriate utilization is coupled with acknowledgment to “what the player does”. Arising alongside game evolution in the 1980s, game play was applied exclusively within the context of video or computer games, though now its popularity has begun to see use in the description of other more traditional game forms. Broadly Speaking, the phrase game play in video game language is used to identify the overall experience of playing the game omitting factors like artwork and sound!

Graphics – Back in the days of the original Nintendo and even flash based games like Asteroids, the graphics were very “blocky” of course most of didn’t even realize it at the time until newer consoles like SNES and particularly XBOX and XBOX 360 came out. I think the important of graphics is more steadily sought after nowadays because people want to the best. It’s been argued that the differences between XBOX and XBOX 360 are different or aren’t different. Just the same, more people have bought XBOX 360 than XBOX, maybe for this reasoning alone.

Game Engine – This is a software system designed for the creation and development of computer and video games. There are many game engines that are contrived to work on video game consoles and desktop operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. The core functionality typically provided by a game engine includes a rendering engine (“renderer”) for 2D or 3D graphics, a physical science engine or collision detection (and collision reaction), sound, scripting, animation, AI, networking, streaming, memory management, threading, and a scene graph. The procedure of game maturation is oftentimes economised by in large part reusing the same game engine to create different games.

Character Creation – Also known as Character generation is the procedure of defining a pretend character for a game. Usually, a character’s individual strengths and weaknesses are presented by a set of stats. Games that have a mostly fictional circumstance may include traits such as race and class. Games with a more contemporary or narrower setting may limit customization to physical and personality traits.

Some people play games because of the attributes listed above, and they simply won’t play or won’t enjoy a game if the graphics are less than perfect or if the characters are annoying or if the game play is buggy, but others, play games simply because it’s a way to take a break from the real world, it’s a way to get away from the ordinary humdrum of our regular lives, and some of us though sometimes anal about the specifics of a console game, don’t use those same criticism when playing something like an online flash based game because we know they aren’t made the same way (not really anyway).

Since Asteroids in the 80s, there have been several million different flash based games released, some of these are by big whig companies and others are developed by individuals that simply enjoy making games. These games have come a long way from Asteroids and the like, and now you have all sorts of categories to choose from.

In reality, flash based games can only get better from here on in, but I think that’s the same with any type of games or gaming simply because of the technological innovations that keep being created! In the end, it really depends on the user playing the game, as to what makes a good game. You be the judge!

How to Copy Xbox 360 Games and Save Serious Money!

In 2001, the software giant, Microsoft jumped into the gaming industry and launched Xbox, their first gaming console. In 2005, they released the advanced version of the Xbox, called Xbox 360 which provides much better storage, audio and video capabilities than the original Xbox. Since then Xbox 360 has become very popular with kids and adults alike. They also have an excellent selection of games available for Xbox 360 and every gaming fan wants to get hold of most of the Xbox 360 games for their gaming adventure.

The problem though is that the Xbox 360 games are expensive and could cost you a lot of money if you want to play most of their games. Each game disc costs more than $50 and they are very sensitive as well. The life span of the gaming discs is not that excellent. Excessive playing of the game or slight rough handling of the gaming disc will damage the game and it will become unplayable on your console. If you really liked that game and want to continue playing it then you will have to spend anther $50 or more to buy that game again. You see how all this cost can add up for your entire game library.

An obvious solution to save repeated cost on the same game disc is to copy your original game disc, play the backup copy of your game and keep the original game disc at safe place. This way you will always have the original disc if something happens to the backup copy. You buy the Xbox 360 game once and never spend another dime on the same game again. Having the original disc kept aside safely, you will be preserving your entire gaming library not only for yourself but for your kids as well when they grow up.

Now the question is how to copy Xbox 360 games that you can play on your console. You may already have tried this using regular CD / DVD copying software like Nero but then found out that you can’t play them on the console. This is because the Xbox 360 games have special encryption code that these softwares can’t decode and therefore the Xbox 360 console can’t play the games that are copied using regular disc copying software.

You may also have heard advice of modifying your Xbox 360 by installing some sort of modchip or change the BIOS of the XBOX so that it no longer checks for the encryption code on the games. Problem with methods like these is that they are too complicated for the normal user, may not work at the end and surely they will void warranty on your gaming console. You must stay away from these techniques.

Luckily, there are now specialized softwares available on the Internet that can break the encryption technology on the Xbox 360 games and make copies of the original disc in a way that the copied disc is as good in quality as the original disc and can be played on the console with no additional procedures required. These software make whole game copying process so simple that anyone who can work on computer can also copy the games. They can also copy the game discs quickly; in as little as 20 minutes.

There are several of these softwares advertised on the web. Some are really good and do fabulous job of copying the Xbox 360 games but others are just the bogus hype. At the end of this article we have provided link to the incredible new software that will not only make working copies of the Xbox games but also works for all other major gaming consoles like, Wii, PlayStation 3, Paystation 2, Gamecube, PSP and more. The software makes working copies of all types of games in 3 simple and quick steps. It comes with easy to follow written and video instructions on how to copy games.

This invaluable software costs almost half a single Xbox 360 game but can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your gaming expense. It’s a no brainer to own this software and start saving today.

Better Your Golf Game and Save Money

Every golfer wants to learn how to better their golf game, and dependent on how much money a golfer is wishing to invest there are a a lot of assorted choices to select from. From individual teaching, to video recordings, books and software system programs that instruct golf players the basics of the perfect stroke and help them produce a stronger stroke. Golfers who like the DIY approach could do well from cheap internet programs configured to aid golf players and acquire the hints and tips of improving their golf game.

Cheap Online Aids

YouTube and MetaCafe provide hundreds of video recordings produced by golf masters to help you acquire the most beneficial method of improving your stroke. Practice right in front of the computer display to acquire to simulate and experience the difference in the right stroke. Make sure to simply follow advice from golf teachers and other masters because a quantity of video recordings are produced by amateurs can as well be obtained on the internet and applying their advice can make a bad stroke poorer. Cheap books and software packages online can as well help you better interpret the mechanics behind the stroke.

Go to eBay

Whenever you’re looking to purchase the most pricey golf gear around, take a bit and rethink that approach. There are dozens of options for golf balls, irons, woods, and additional crucial gear. You are able to decide to purchase common items for decent costs in the store but for gear that is pricier look at purchasing used to see if the cost is actually worth it. Purchasing used stroke analysis instruments, clubs with particular grips and weighted clubs could preserve you heaps of cash. These items are frequently sold in perfect condition, commonly by other casual golfers who spent a bit much cash too soon! You could as well decide to borrow gear from friends who no longer take an interest in the game or do not mind sharing.

Watch and Learn

No one can better their golf game by just picking up the golf club and swinging. Watch over the golf channel, keep an eye on masters during matches. Pay close attention to their posture, feet positioning, the arc they make as they stroke the golf club, how they shift their weight between their knees and even how they turn their wrist once connecting with the ball. Survey their technique, stand up and practice their method to see how it feels dissimilar from your normal stroke.

Travel to Play Golf America

Play Golf America a part of the PGA, provides a ton of cheap golf game associated activities throughout the year to get new players involved and aid long term golf players from getting burned out. During Women’s Golf month, cheap golf lessons and clinics are rendered to female golf players. During cheap lessons month, golf players can get hints on bettering their stroke from PGA and LPGA golf players. With the cheap fitting and trade up month professional PGA professionals offer 15-minute gear fitting sessions. With customized fitted gear golf players have a better grip on their golf club and increase their execution when swinging. The trade in program allows for golf players to trade in used gear for greater prices on customized fitted fresh gear.