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The World of Online Gaming and Role Playing With Satellite Internet

Online gaming and role playing games are more popular than ever right now. Have you heard the buzz about World of Warcraft? Well this is just one of the many popular online role playing games that has taken the Internet world by storm. These games are called massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPG for short. These types of role playing games have been popular for a long time, but now that they are being played on the Internet they have grown even more popular. This means that if a person who has a passion for role playing games can’t find anyone in their own town who shares the same interests, he or she can still role play whenever the mood strikes. Many people can feel isolated if others in their area don’t share the same interests as they do. Satellite Internet has played a hand in making sure that people from all over the country and all over the world have access to the Internet. Cable and DSL Internet connections are not available in all places, but satellite broadband is. With this type of connection, a role playing game lover in rural Maine can get hooked up to his community. These types of games often have complicated features and graphics that require a high speed connection, so an account with either cable, DSL, or satellite Internet is necessary when getting started.

So what exactly is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game? It is a game that is played on a computer connected to the Internet where the person playing takes on another identity: their character or avatar. You play the game and interact with other characters that are being played by other people from all over the world. The games are often played in a fantasy type world.

One of the most popular, most well known of these types of MMORPGs is called World of Warcraft or WOW for short. It is the forth type of this game released in a series of online role playing games in the Warcraft Universe. The fantasy world that the gaming takes place in is called Azeroth. After you have created your avatar you can begin playing the game. You can explore the land, interact with other characters, fight monsters, and complete tasks. You must also choose a realm in which to live. There is player versus player, where you fight and enter combat with other avatars. There is also player versus environment where you don’t fight with other avatars, but with monsters created by the game and you also complete quests. You can choose to do a simple role play realm, or a role play player versus player realm. You also need to choose whether you will be a part of Horde or Alliance. These are the two opposing teams.

This is just a quick taste of the MMORPG world. If it sounds interesting to you, you might consider checking it out with your high speed satellite Internet.

Play Video Games and Get Paid For It

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play Video Games and get paid to do it?

There are ways to turn your gaming into cash and get paid to play games at home. Here are a few ways to get you started.

Becoming a Video Game Tester:

If Your thinking of testing games for money, in itself a decent job, one that requires you to have a sharp eye and descent writing skills. These opportunities are ways to actually get paid to play video games at home, doing what you’re already doing, but with a little cash reward at the end of the game.


There are ways to make money entering online gaming contests. You can compete with your fellow scrabble players or compete in tournaments via your favorite online games. The opportunities are abundant, but the key is that you can actually get paid to play video games at home.

Game Reviews

If you’re playing the games anyway, why not write about them? Video game reviews are everywhere on the internet. Everyone writes them, but you can actually turn them into money if you know where the resources on the internet are,

Video gaming is a great pastime. It’s relaxing, it’s entertaining and it can be involving. For a few out there it can even be rewarding, allowing you to play video games at home and get paid for it. There are plenty of words to be written about video games and plenty of venues to sell those words to. To truly realize your goal of money making through video games, get out and take a look.

The 3 requirements you need to BECOME a game tester are:

  • You should be 15 or older in order to get paid for the gaming and testing.
  • You need either a computer you already play games on – or a console you’ll prefer playing games on (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, etc).
  • You gotta love video games. That’s an obvious one!

You don”t need a degree in marketing or design to do this! Heck, you don’t even need to finish high school. Here’s a list of commonly asked questions you’re asked when you fill out your “work assignment sheet”. I’ll let you decide if these if you think these questions are tough.

  • What did you think of the main game menu? (if you liked the overall appearance, if it was easy to navigate, to enter and exit different modes, etc..)
  • How did you like Single-Player Campaign mode? What were your most and least favourite parts of the gameplay?
  • How did you like the multi-player mode? What were your favourite and least favourite game modes/features of the lobbies? Is there anything you’d change to make it easier/more comfortable to use?
  • What was your preferred mode – single-player or multi-player mode?
  • Are there any outstanding bugs/glitches you noticed?
  • What age group do you believe this game will appeal BEST to?
  • Overall, How did the game perform? (storyline, playability, graphics, replay value, etc…)
  • If there was anything you could add to the game to improve it (more zombies, more weapons, etc) – what would it be?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the game overall?

Online Arcade Games and Screensavers – Technological Advancements

In the present scenario, some of the most advanced features and technological advancement can be seen in different types of arcade games and screensavers websites. These websites offer you quality graphics and sound system that can be enjoyed on different computers and platforms. Just within a few years these websites have managed to offer the best quality wall papers and games starting from simple reviews to some of the most complex varieties that can be enjoyed in the virtual world. These are features that can mesmerize users for a number of hours. When searching the internet, you can always come across hundreds of websites that allow you to enjoy free games and screen savers.

There are also a few websites that offer you with features where you can customize your personal screensavers and arcade games and can also share it with others or try and commercialize it. Best reputable websites also offer you with different types of forums where you can discuss your latest developments and experiences with other pro-players and designers. In case you are having some problem then you can always discuss it with professionals online. At the same time you can also go through reviews that are stated by other professionals. There are websites that might also offer you with updated version of old arcade games that have more improved features.

These websites make use of multiple platforms like Flash player and Shockwave technology and the best part is that to make use of these you just don’t have to invest any money. Using these technologies you can design your personal screensavers and arcade games and offer with some of the most challenging features. Even if you system is working on older version of operating system still you can download these platforms easily. You just have to keep in mind that these multitudes can always offer with unlimited hours of entertainment for any player online.