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How To Block Programs Like Messengers, Games, And Unwanted Applications

Applications and software programs once loaded onto the computer can be used by any user, be it Administrator or any normal user, as long as there exist some limiting account lockout or account policies of any kind. Most of the applications do not include this type of restrictions as they are for general use of every user. Use of these applications is not a problem at all in day-to-day working environment. But few of such programs are for accessing Internet so access to these applications are restricted intentionally to achieve other goals. For example, during office hours, employees can be restricted from accessing applications such as Instant Messengers that also have functionality of file transfer, entertainment software like Games and other utility software of any kind.

The applications which are not designed to work and limit the access depending on account policies, restriction of operating systems, lack the ability to censor users against their use. Companies feel that their productivity needs improvement by making strict rules for their employees.

Employees have been found to be spending lot of their official time in chatting, emailing and playing games that hampered their performances as well as productivity. To curb these habits of the employees, it is better to block such programs, utilities, and applications either permanently or temporarily during specified time, in this case, office timings. Some kind of monitoring application running in the background on the computers without the knowledge of the PC user or without the reach of the user can be used.

The background monitoring application will keep a continuous track of applications while user tries to open them; it will not allow those applications to run at all. Thus the user will have no way to use them.

One such software is 1 Click Safe PC, available at []. This software is much robust and can block games, instant messengers, and any type of program installed on the computer. This method of blocking the programs is very useful.

1 Click Safe PC does not allow applications, programs to run once these are marked as blocked. It id designed to monitor the status of selected applications which are locked with password and when tried to open will not run. This program keeps monitoring blocked programs and will not close down even if the computer is restarted. It can be configured to block the programs at specified day(s) and time.

It is flexible enough and also restricts access to adult content sites.

How to Copy Video Games and Backup Your Collection

Video game consoles have come a long way since the Atari and the typical games of the 1980s period: Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.

Today, it is mind-blowing, the amount of game consoles that are now available. We now have: Wii (both on game console and hand-held version), Xbox and PlayStations 1 through 3!

The game consoles are only matched by the amazing cadre of video games, available on each of the game consoles: all effectively spanning the gaming market needs in the categories of: age groups, culture, sexual preference, ethnicity, income brackets, and of course, gender.

For the money invested in bringing these games home to entertain the rest of our families, we must take precautionary measures to safeguard these video games; because who knows better than yourself how much money you had to “shell out” just to make your kids happy. It is a cost you quite likely cannot afford to undertake again, in spite of the pleas of family members, who take these expenditures for granted.

It would be best to learn how to copy video games as soon as you have made a decision that you would like to gift your family with one of these pricey (but high quality) game consoles!

Once you have Internet access, it then becomes easier to find the copying instructions online. It is easy, because all that needs to be done is a word search with your favorite search engine- typing in the keywords: how to copy video games.

All computers and laptops are now built, having the ability to duplicate (or burn) files stored in both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM format. However, some older versions of computers do not have “burning” capabilities. If persons own older version computers and have learned that their computers don’t have this facility, they would then have to install the necessary software that makes “CD/DVD burning” possible. These can be ordered online or sourced at most computer repair shops.

The rest is simple: search online to see what “back-up” software is available, choose one, and then download the software on the computer. If you are a bargain hunter who tends to be risk averse, then you can try one of the back-up software downloads that allow 30 days free access. It may suit you to save time and just buy one of the certified online downloads which are for a one-time cost of about $30.00, which may end up costing much less than going with the “30-day free” option.

The next step would be to insert your video game discs, make the copies, and then pack away the original game software in a safe hiding place.

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games and Play Them Within Minutes

Fed up of destroying your video games, or do you just want to protect your self just so you wont be spending lots of money if you do damage your games? Then you have found an article that will save your video games and your hard earned cash.

Don’t think that you will have to know a lot about computers, or that you will have to have lots of money either because the method I am about to show you is affordable, simple and effective, and it will be the best thing you will learn all year.

First of all before we get down to copying however we will need a couple of things. We will need:

o Blank disks
o Original game disk
o Personal computer
o Game copying software

I bet you didn’t realise how little you would need to save so much. Most people will already have most of the above at hand. If you’re missing any you can either pick them up in a local store or online. This also applies to the game copying software; however I would recommend you get this online because it’s more affordable online than in stores.

Now let’s get to copying. Install the game copying software and run it; if you’re not sure how to do this just click on the programs icon, the rest will be done by the computer. With the program up and running select the option to copy either video games, or if you have really good software select the option to copy Xbox 360 games. It doesn’t matter which you click on both will result in the same outcome. Now insert your blank disk and original game disk when prompted.

Within minutes of inserting both disks you will have a perfectly copied Xbox 360 game. You can begin playing this game right away.