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Games and Activities Help To Improve Your Memory

How Does the Human Brain Work Compared With Computers?

In spite of what many people think, the human brain does not work similar to computers. We cannot just assemble some extra memory parts like hard disks and chips. Scientists still are studying on the capacity of the human brain. Some say we never use the total capacity. So let’s say the capacity of our brain is endless.

Another and very important aspect is: How do we use this fantastic organ?

The Human Brain Needs Maintenance.

If we were more conscious in taking care of our brain, we surely could improve our memory. Equally to our physical condition that improves by exercising and game, our brain condition increases by mental activities and playing memory games.

Maybe you visit the gym on a regular basis to keep up the shape of your body. Do you pay attention to your mental health at the same quantity?

Certainly the health of your memory benefits from a good physical exercise. But you can pay specific attention to your brain as well as to your physical condition resulting in improving your memory.

Brain Work-Out Examples.

There are lots of games to play together that rely on your memory. Card games like bridge and whist are great to train your memory. Poker, but only for fun, is also perfect.

You can make a more defiant version of the game “Memory”, you usually play with your kids. Just make your own by using lots more cards with pairs of illustrations. (If you’re not familiar with this game: see footnote).

When you think of things or games that appeal to your memory, I assume you can find much more examples of games and other activities that appeal to your memory. Just pick them up and have lots of fun while exercising your memory by a game or an activity.

On the Road.

When you see a car you don’t know the model and possibly the brand of find it out. Remember it and train your brain to recollect as many brands and types as possible. You can make a game of it while travelling with your family or friends or colleagues.

Challenge Your Brain and Memory.

Look for situations or actions you never did before. Take some course or training on a subject interesting and where you never really learned about.

How about making music? You don’t need to be a prodigy to make music with pleasure!

Think of reading a popular scientific book on a subject of interest to you. You also can take a book on a subject you never heard about. Good chance it will arouse your interest giving you lots of pleasure at the same time your memory is activated.

Be Fully Present.

Full presence in what you are doing or reading or watching is an important aspect needed to improve your memory. You will discover the more concentrated you are, the more you will remember about what you did or learned.

Most people think they can (or must) do several activities at the same time. This distracts you and the quality of all of your activities suffers from this distraction. You will find out that concentrating at one thing a time ultimately gives more quality and efficiency in your activities and also in your memories.


Look out of the box of your normal life and habits. With an open mind you’ll discover many opportunities to exercise your brain with games and activities.
You will have lots of fun and experience the benefits to your brain and memory.


The “Memory” Game consist of pairs of cards with all kinds of illustrations. You play the game with the cards on the table and the illustration side invisible. Flip over cards two at a time and see how many matching pairs you can find! And since it’s simple to learn and quick to set up, the MEMORY game adds more play to playtime. For 1 or preferably more players. Normally there are 72 picture cards (36 pairs). Making your own version of the game you can increase the quantity of pairs, resulting in a more challenging game.

Here’s How To Copy Wii Games and How To Use Game Copying Software

One of the most common questions is how to copy Wii games. There’s a lot of people who want to be able to copy their games but aren’t entirely sure how to go about it. There’s a lot of misinformation about how it’s done, so today we’ll cover how to copy your games.

Just a heads up, you will need to install a specific type of game copying software on your computer. This is needed so that your computer can actually read the Wii games that you put in the burner.

All Nintendo Wii games come with a form of copyright protection on the actual game disc. Because of this protection, your computer isn’t able to actually read the data from the game and this prevents it from making a copy.

That’s why if you ever tried to burn Wii games with the same software used to copy audio cds it didn’t work. They just don’t have the technology to be able to get past the guards that you find on all video games.

As a way to get around these copyright guards companies have designed software that is able to get by any protections on the discs. By installing one of these softwares, your computer then becomes capable of copying Wii games.

These programs are easy to use, you really only press a few buttons and the program does the rest. It’s a quick installation and then you’re ready to go.

You will insert the game disc, wait about 5 minutes and then insert a blank disc. In the end you’re left with a perfect copy.

On my computer the whole process takes about 15 minutes. My computer is about two years old so I’m sure it’s even faster on the newer systems.

Of course we aren’t encouraging readers to go and copy games that they don’t actually own. Our hope is that people use this information and these programs only to copy games that they own and not burn copyrighted material.

Now some programs are better than others obviously. My biggest suggestion is to find a program with a money back guarantee. This way you know that the company that sells it is confident in their product and also that you don’t have to worry if you run into any problems.

Make Copies of Video Games and Save the Original

I remember when I was little and I was first introduced to a computer. Later that year, Santa Clause brought me a CD with one hundred games. Simple games with bad graphics, but oh how much I loved them. From brick breaker to ace shooter, and from bowling to pool, that CD seemed to have it all. Until the day my CD-ROM would not open anymore. How terrified I was when I had to unscrew the CD-ROM and try to pull it out manually. Unfortunately I succeeded in breaking it into two pieces.

I was young then but I still remember how much that episode hurt. The computer lost meaning for me without those games. What was the point of turning on the computer when I couldn’t play Pac Man or shoot down space invaders? I did not remember the name of the CD and since I still don’t have close relations with Santa Clause, the chances of ever tracking it down are very dim.

The morale of the story is that this personal nightmare maybe could not have been avoided. The CD-ROM got stuck and maybe that was meant to happen. Maybe there was no way the CD would have come out ‘alive’. But one thing could have changed the whole aftermath, another CD. A copy of the original, so that even though the first one broke, I still had the back up. Since then I grew up and also got smarter. I make copies of all my favorite games and I play them, while keeping the original safe, just in case something goes wrong.