Hottest Holiday Games and Accessories – Santa’s Most Wished For Items For Gamers

In today’s internet age, little ones are not the only ones being hooked by video and computer games. From little toddlers to parents and grandparents, it seems that everyone is getting in on the virtual experience. With so many gamers of all ages worldwide, it’s no wonder that Santa is flooded with requests for the hottest games and accessories this Christmas! So in order to satisfy the hunger of favorite gamers of all ages, we have compiled a guide to the season’s most wished for games and accessories right from Santa’s email box.

1. Lego Batman

The imaginations of little gamers and builders everywhere will be challenged by Lego’s first ever Batman game. Flying through the streets of Gotham and into the hearts and minds of little gamers, this game is available on many game platforms including Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox. Select between playing the roles of Batman or Robin or choose from more than a dozen dastardly villains – with super-fun Lego form entertainment. Players can even build and transform the different game environments and the characters can also be customized and for many hours of family togetherness and fun.

2. Gears of War 2

Mature gamers are eagerly waiting for the hottest war game to hit the market this holiday season. Gears of War 2 combines strategic gaming with the ideal XBOX Live atmosphere for smack chatting with your play buddies. Xbox Live can accommodate up to 10 simultaneous players and features innovative tactical action gameplay and cooperative action. As the game has graphic violence and strong language it is not suitable for minors and is best suited for 18 year olds and above.

3. Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS

Guitar Hero on Tour allows music lovers, from little musicians to teenage rockers, to jam out on the go or on the sofa. The package comes complete with the game and mini controller that is adapted to fit the Nintendo DS system for a great gaming experience no matter where you are. You can pick from a large selection of Gibson guitars and musical venues and also choose from 4 different gameplay modes.

4. Disney Princess Magical Jewels

For the perfect Disney experience, let your little princess take on the role as one of her favorite Disney Princesses in this enthralling game of adventure while she attempts to restore the magical powers of a kingdom and recover the Magical Jewels. Ideal for little girls who are enchanted by all things fairytale, this game will definitely make her Christmas end with a happily ever after.

5. Super Mario Galaxy for Wii

The perfect spin on the all-time favorite game that we have all come to enjoy and love, Super Mario Galaxy sends Mario on a dash through the galaxies for a gaming experience that is completely out of this world. The graphics jump right off the screen and come to life while players perform mind-bending, low-gravity jumps across wild alien terrain. This game is the ideal solution for a night of family get-together and is perfect for all ages alike.

6. Turtle Beach Earforce X4 Headphones for Xbox 360

The ideal gift for those gamers who love to pump up the noise level in your house! They will love how Earforce X4 puts them right into the game and you will love how they keep the sound in their ears and out of your living space. Players can hear Xbox Live Chat plus stereo game sounds with sonic realism while you can go about your work.

When it comes to gift giving, remember that it’s still the thought that counts. If you can’t decide on a game or accessory you may opt for a gift card or visit us at, your easy one stop shop for all holiday shoppers.

Edutainment – Could Video Games and Social Networking Make Better Learners?

Despite calls that the Scottish education system has slipped in recent times, thanks to the former Musselburgh deputy head teacher, Ollie Bray, the country is at the forefront of a move within schools to incorporate more video games and the internet as a means to make students learn better. So how does edutainment work? And could we see such method employed nationwide, and at other levels of education?

As is reported at, Bray has developed a pilot scheme that involves the popular Activision computer game, Guitar Hero, and its use to get children to form their own virtual rock bands in the classroom. The learning comes from having to work as a team, discussing geography for tours, designing merchandise, and even the building of relationships. Yet, the idea isn’t completely new. Nintendo’s video game, Nintendogs, has also been used to teach children via managing a virtual kennel, using money, designing logos and making business plans.

After winning an award at the Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum Awards in Vienna, Bray has also been looking at better ways by which the internet should be used to help children (and their teachers) learn. Instead of sending children home with boring worksheets, he is promoting the idea of setting internet-based tasks – such as visiting the Ordnance Survey website for Geography homework as a more exciting incentive for youngsters to want to, and enjoy, their homework.

Similarly, the recent rise in popularity for micro-blogging service, Twitter, may well be his next tool, he states: “I think Twitter is a fantastic tool: I see it as a personal learning network. For example, this morning I was thinking about virtual schools so I did a couple of searches on Google and didn’t get very much back. I asked a question on Twitter, and got 10 or 15 really useful links sent to me.”

To me, this is the most interesting of Bray’s ideas. With the development of distance education, study and e-Learning – it’s intriguing to see the primary and secondary education sector being at the forefront of new, and digital, ways of learning. In recent years we have seen distance and traditional higher education institutions use blogs, wikis, and forums to teach students to promote themselves and learn how to communicate in a digital environment. Now it seems that Twitter could well become part of the general curriculum. – and a good way to teach youngsters about filtering quality content from the internet – a skill which is going to become all the more important as more research and school work is done online.

Free Online Games – Filtered Computer Accessible

Since the very beginning of net filtering, online games have been one of the biggest victims next to adult websites. Whether one resides in a country where a large variety of sites are restriced, or one simply has nothing to do between college classes. Many online gamers are restricted in their efforts to play some Sudoku or blast some aliens.

This is where Online Galore comes along. Online Galore is not a way to “cheat the system”, but rather a new service that provides a more easily accessible alternative to enthusiasts. Their saying is, “Chair enthusiasts have access to chair sites, table enthusiasts have access to table websites, but what about us plain old game enthusiasts?” The gaming collection seems to make sense in every way you can look at it. The company is currently non-for-profit, aiming to get entertainment in the hands of a larger audience. The sole ads are ones which generate traffic, not money.

As stated by recent reviewers, the database of games is larger than most sites they have visited. And the games are also unique to their previous experiences. The user interface is simple and efficient, allowing even dial-up (56k) users to effectively browse the contents of the site. In addition, users have reported the loading times of the games to be sufficiently faster than most other gaming sites they have visited.

The need for all-accessible websites is growing very rapidly, as it has been for a long time already. As a result of this need, a large amount of websites are being produced to satisfy the demand in all online categories. Online Galore is along these many websites, in it’s specialty, Online Gaming.