Copy PC Games and Make Sure You Never Lose Another Game

After investing so much money for the chance to own the hottest, new-release computer games (one such is “Age of Empires”, manufactured by Microsoft), who would want to entertain the thought of those games than being destroyed at the careless hands of tiny children, or even being stolen by the very people we entertain in our homes at social gatherings?

However uncomfortable these thoughts are, one must put the loss of such invaluable assets like PC games into the perspective of the harsh economic times we are now faced with. No one can afford to invest in an expensive game like this, only to have to consider replacing it soon after.

With computers and Internet now available in virtually all corners of the world, there has never been an easier time to access the relevant technology to copy PC games. All laptops and computers are now manufactured with copying capabilities, so any person is able to copy PC games hassle-free and without even having to leave the home or office.

In order to copy these discs, one has to find special software that can decode the encryption that is embedded in most CD/DVD-ROM games. The embedded encryption is intended to protect the games from illegal duplication. The back-up software can be sourced online from the comfort of home, or office. Many websites offer great discounts and free trial periods to persons scouting around for good bargains.

If a person is willing to pay a reasonable price to access the back-up software, and also has no time to search for bargains, the Easy Back-up Wizard is a great find and can be had for a 1-time payment of about $30.00US.

The Easy Back-up Wizard is compatible with many CD/DVD-ROM based games. The speed at which the software will download is about 45 minutes, or less.

Once the software has been sourced and loaded on to the computer, the following actions are needed to complete the back-up process:

1. Insert the PC game and allow it time to be processed by the installed copy software.
2. Remove the game and insert all the blank discs you would like the PC game to be stored on. Follow closely the manufacturer’s instructions.
3. The process is deemed complete once the copy discs play back the game without any problems.

Creating copies of PC game original discs will enable owners of these games to have ease of mind. Now the originals can be carefully stored away eliminating the risk of theft and damage. The game would still be accessible from the copy disc, which costs much less if destroyed, but would still deliver the same quality effects of the original game.

How Do I Download PSP Games and Get Them Onto My PSP

You know it as the ultimate handheld gaming system, the place to play the very best in portable games. You may even know that the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system can do a bunch of other things as well. The thing is, once you’ve held all this in the palm of your hand, you won’t ever be the same.

You can download free PSP games, movies, TV shows, wallpapers and software for your handheld entertainment device. Allthough these PSP game downloadsites can often be found rather easily, not all of them are that good or lack the content you were searching for in the first place. Once you are on your way searching for PSP games to download, you will quickly see there are many PSP game download websites out there that will let you download free PSP games.

Many of these sites let you download these games at ultra low speeds and make your computer beeing filled to the brim with spy- and adware. But luckily I’ve found sites which don’t have these problems and reviewed them here. These sites will let you download at ultrafast speeds without the risk of getting your computer filled with spy- and adware.

These free PSP game download sites will also let you download other cool PSP stuff like music, movies, TV shows,themes and wallpapers and even PSP software.

The only thing is you pay a one-time membership fee to get access (NO extra hidden charges, downloadfees or monthly memberships). We are not talking about anything too serious here, just under $50 you can get in to unlimited free PSP games, movies and more downloads.

After you have logged in you can begin downloading straight away,The files are downloaded to your computer then you simply transfer the files straight to your PSP using a USB cable or compatible memory stick reader.

These sites also offer all software needed and complete step by step instructions. For both mac and pc users.

That’s it, simple and smooth.

Go too if you want to download free PSP games and read reviews.


What You Need to Know About Video Games and Your Kids

Video games are the best invention in the world, aren’t they? They keep your kids out of trouble for hours. They have something to do with their friends besides tear the house down around your ears. Best of all, it gives you the chance to enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet!

If only it was that simple.

What you don’t know is that video games aren’t as great as they seem. Yes, they keep kids busy for hours. Yes, they’re (relatively) cheap for the amount of entertainment they provide. And yes, they’ve been proven to help kids improve their hand/eye coordination. But did you know that video games also:

a) Promote addictive behavior? Kids of all ages display signs of video game addiction when their playing time isn’t curbed properly, including irritability, decreased school performance and anti-social behavior. Their behavior becomes so focused on in-game achievements that they lose sight of their out-of-game goals.

b) Promote a sedentary lifestyle that could lead to childhood obesity? Studies show that kids need at least an hour a day of cardiovascular activity to stay healthy-preferably 2. They’re not going to be out running around with their friends if they’re spending every free minute they have sitting in front of a video game console.

c) Encourage poor eating habits? Video games are kind of like TV in that it’s really, really easy to snack your way through and entire bag of 3 Musketeers minis before you know what happened! Poor snacking habits as a child can lead to a lifetime of bad eating habits, and all the health problems that go with them.

Instead of Video Games…

…encourage your kids to get up and get moving. Kids weren’t meant to sit around the house all day. They have too much energy for that! Instead, encourage them to get out the door and get moving.

It doesn’t matter whether that’s going out and playing in the backyard or joining the school swim team. It doesn’t have to be jogging around the block or spending hours on a stationary bike. Although it could be fun to watch them try-they’ll be bored with the stationary bike in a matter of minutes!

As parents, it’s up to you to nudge your children toward living a healthy lifestyle. They’re going to follow your example, so for a couple of hours a day turn off the electronics, shut down the computers and find something else to do. Breaking them out of their addiction to video games and helping them fill their time with healthier pursuits will pave their way toward a brighter, healthier future.