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Computer and video game sales grows every year by 4 percent or more? Seventy-Five percent of American head of households play video games. The average game buyer is 37 years old. These are just a couple stats that are changing drastically every year. When I look and friends and family members and average out the age of who is playing games, the average comes out to 48. The ages in my circle go from 3 to 60 years of age. The systems used vary from computers, consoles and handheld devices. That to me is unbelievable.

Modern Warfare 2 alone broke all previous sales records, it sold more that 4.7 million copies in 24 hours in North America alone. The average price of this game was $59.99. Why should you pay full price for such a game when we bring you the lowest prices around the web and your local video stores.

Buying video games has never been easier from the comfort of your computer. You can buy new and used video games as well as consoles and accessories. We feature games for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Blackberry, PC and Mac, we even have free games for you to play. You can easily navigate by the console system that you prefer with ease and browse through pages of games and accessories. All of the best games are available for any of your systems. All the new releases are featured on the front page as soon as they hit the market place. New Releases are also easily found using the search feature on every web page, each page will have a list of similar items based on your viewing interests on the lower left side of your screen. We offer daily specials on Computer, iPod and Blackberry skins. You can also purchase Evil Controllers and Blackberry themes with your favorite designs.

Sort through the gaming system list by console type, or choose the specific game you like. Everything is available at the click of a button and for a price that may surprise you. Rest assured that there are prices to stay within every-ones budget. The video games store lists new and used games, offering something for every budget at great deals. There are many shipping options available to fit your budget.

Hundreds of titles are available for every console system, hand-held devices and computers. The latest popular battle, racing and sports games will be in stock and ready to order.

Copy PS2 Games and Save Your Investment

If you own a PlayStation game and want to avoid it from getting spoiled, then read on this article. It will guide you and increase your knowledge on how to copy PS2 games. It is not illegal to make a copy or backup of your own set. These days many original companies are coming up with this idea. You might avoid facing any faulty mechanical errors or scratches. In such cases, backup copy comes handy. You might need a personal computer to get your job done.

To begin with, you need to have a DVD burner in your system. Read the description on the drive. It will tell you whether it is a DVD burner or a reader. To copy PS2 games with ease, the memory of your computer should be free. It helps in speeding up the process. Full memory can take hours to get the work done. The second requirement is of a DVD decryptor, which helps in decoding the data from the original track. It can assist you with copying too. Click on the option read and burn. This will copy the file into your computer. When you insert a blank DVD, it gets burnt with the saved data.

Ensure that you use a good quality DVD to get optimum clarity. A bad one can spoil your effort and work too. The backup copy will have high clarity and graphics like that of the original. You won’t face and discrimination in terms of quality. You can use it to play the games and preserve the originals. This can help your family with an all round entertainment. The process is simple. Many online sources also provide software’s. You can download and use them to copy PS2 games. They can also provide step by step instruction for the full procedure. 

Online Gaming and Entertainment Thrills With 4G Connections

Playing computer games is nothing like it used to be. Back in the 1980s, 8-bit video games were the norm and when you had the ability to use a joystick to maneuver spacecrafts and watch those enthralling animated explosions, it felt as if the future had finally arrived. Little did you realize that soon enough the World Wide Web would make its presence known, forever changing the way the way that people interacted with one another. As wireless internet has begun to creep into our lives, the ability to connect goes much further than we could have imagined. Along with these incredible ways of getting in touch with each other, we’ve also made note of how entertainment has evolved in fascinating ways.

Online gaming is more than just a cyber-based activity; it is a worldwide phenomenon. From internet cafes to communal gaming sites in countries far and wide, the craze of digitally interacting with people halfway across the world is undeniable. In the states, technology like the mobile air card have made this kind of interactivity even more flexible than before. Now, numerous people find themselves thrilled by the prospect of real-time online gaming all from the convenience of their portable electronic device. While on his or her way to work or waiting for the subway, it’s now possible to engage in intergalactic battle with someone across an ocean.

Entertainment comes in so many forms these days that it’s virtually uncountable. Television accounts for just a small amount of time that regular people find themselves engaged in electronic media. With the internet, it’s more common to find people typing away on a keyboard than flipping the remote control. Additionally, wireless internet has made it even more convenient to have an interactive entertainment experience rather than the passive one that characterizes watching the tube.

As high-speed net connections infiltrate every facet of our lives, we find ourselves making the most of this technology in more ways than just the practical necessities. In all actuality, online gaming and entertainment are a massive industry that the masses are literally hooked on. As 4G networks continue to spread, the overall interactivity and general efficiency offered by these networks is stunning. There is fantastic harmony that has been achieved in recent years between the wifi networks that we rely on and the capacity to take part in interactive entertainment activities.

We are living, moving, and responsive beings. The way that we interact with modern technology should reflect these tendencies of the human being. Thanks to faster and more intelligent technology like 4G, the tools are finally catching up to the habits of most people. We have long passed the days when rudimentary forms and actions where the norm when it came to interacting with the computer system; these days realistic human-like interactions are what we expect. For more than just a few years, technicians and programmers around the world have been racing to create digital technology that mirrors are interests and our tendencies. The moment has finally arrived when our goals are starting to become fulfilled.