Tips To Maximising Your Online Game And Music Downloading

85% of the download sites fail to deliver on what they advertise. Make the most of your downloading site.

The internet provides a wealth of information on downloading programs. If you haven’t already subscribed to a downloading program logon to Music & Games Download Reviews to view my independent reviews of the best download programs.

There are endless exciting opportunities out there to maximise your usage and experience. This article focuses on the key area’s to be aware of.

Maximise Download Speed

When you perform a search for a file to download you will normally have the choice of a number of different ones. They may all be links to download the same file however be careful to look at the quality rating first. Selecting the file with the highest quality or health rating will ensure a much faster download time without interruptions. The higher the rating the larger the number of users that are sharing / have access to the file you are after and thus different parts of the file will download from different users all at the same time.

Maximise Downloads Available

The speed of downloading a file will depend on a number of things. You have already ensured that you pick the file with the highest quality rating however the download speed will also vary depending on the speed of your computer, the type of internet connection you have and also the number of other programs you have running at the same time.

Downloading files takes up a large amount of your computer’s memory. So to eliminate your computer freezing due to too many programs running at once and to maximise how many files you can download I recommend that you select all the files (place them in a queue) you want to download before you go to bed or when you have finished using your computer for the day and let them run during the night. Don’t forget to turn off your screen saver or standby mode to ensure that all files download.

Maximise Quality

As a general rule the higher the file size the better the quality and the closer it will be to the original. Smaller file sizes may download quicker however they are usually fragmented, and blurry.

When looking at quality you should look for the file with the highest quality / health rating as well as the largest file size.

Maximise the Extra Downloads Available

As well as movies and games most programs also allow you to download ROMS, TV shows, pictures, art, CD cover images and sleeves as well.

Maximise your Experience

I have tested dozens – even hundreds! – of game and download programs. Some of them are great, most of them get the job done (more or less), and too many simply don’t work. I’ve gathered the top contenders in the field, and reviewed them to ensure they have all the features available to maximise your experience. Please check these out Music & Games Download Reviews @

Benefits to Attorneys and Law Firms in Technology and Computer Training

Large law firms have long recognized the benefits of continuing education and training for staff attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries in how to utilize Microsoft Word and Office products to their maximum capabilities.

The reason for this is primarily because attorneys use Microsoft Word in ways not dreamed of by ordinary users. For an attorney, documents are the central work product for their legal practice. What would a litigator be without pleadings? What would an estate planner be without Wills and Trusts? What would an intellectual property attorney be without applications and amendments?

For lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries, documents ARE our BUSINESS.

If you are involved in passing agreements, correspondence and other documents back and forth electronically to opposing counsel, co-counsel and clients, then you can be assured that you are at times working with individuals who absolutely know how to use Word properly and efficiently, styling documents top to bottom! What you email to these individuals speaks a lot about who you are, your attention to detail, and your ability to produce something that can easily be modified as future generations of edits are made.

Let’s say you create a document, styled completely in Normal (Word’s most basic style format), filled with direct formatting commands and conflicting code, and then send that to an attorney who knows how the document should be assembled to avoid wasting time. You have just told the other attorney that you don’t know what you are doing and that editing this document is going to be a much more tedious process than it would have been if you or your secretary just created the document correctly from the start.

Unfortunately, due to the ever changing world of software, and the concentration of law school on the instruction solely on the practice of law, many people come directly out of university with only a cursory understanding of the actual products they will be working with on their computers from day to day.

This is where my company comes in. A completely online educational resource in how to use Word and other Microsoft Office products, we will serve as the trainers your firm may be restricted from hiring full time. For a small monthly membership fee, you and your staff will get state-of-the-art training in using your computers. Our training is constantly updated, and designed to put you on top of your game and then keep you there! See my author profile for additional details.

Gaming And Graphic Design Computer Monitor Solutions

CRT screens are fast moving towards obsolescence and are now almost the preserve of Graphic designers, gamers and photographic professionals. In effect their large, bulky size has resulted in them being consigned forever to the recycling bin. Even so, their abilities far outstrip even the most modestly priced LCD or flat panel display. Why? Well, the refresh rate, color saturation, even-ness of brightness and ability to multi-sync (have more than one native resolution) means that they can still meet the requirements of high end digital users. Only a LCD displays offer true multisync and these are significantly more expensive than any CRT screen, either new or refurbished. So where do LCD displays beat the traditional CRT? I’ve already noted than they take up less desk space, but they don’t flicker either and the glare is much less. As a result of this, eye strain is reduced significantly.

Liquid crystals were discovered in 1971 and comprise a liquid chemical compound that can be aligned precisely when subjected to an electric field. By placing rows of liquid crystals in between 2 polarizing filters (the same filters used in sun glasses) no light can pass through. Upon applying a charge to the liquid crystals, they are excited which causes them to align with the polarizing filter. If a light is shone through the layers, only those crystals that have been excited will allow the photons to pass through and align then up with the second filter. This is in effect how a monochrome screen was produced (basically black and white or on and off). Backlights, that produce the light source are cold sodium cathode tubes similar to ceiling strip lights.

In a color LCD screen, three liquid crystal cells make up each pixel. Each of those three cells has in front of it either a red, green, or blue filter. Light passing through the filtered cells creates the colors you see on the LCD. Nearly all modern color LCDs use a thin-film transistor (TFT), also known as an active matrix, to activate each cell. The process of manufacturing a TFT is similar to the process used to manufacture a silicon integrated circuit or silicon chip. Extremely thin insulators, conductors and transistors must be laid into a glass substrate, which becomes the lower glass of the LCD. TFT LCDs create sharp, bright images. Previous LCD technologies were slower, less efficient, and provided lower contrast. The oldest of the matrix technologies, passive-matrix, offers sharp text but leaves ghost images on the screen. This is because the electric field was not delivered directly to the liquid crystal because the TFT layer was not present.

Because LCDs address each pixel individually, they can create sharper text than CRTs, which, when badly focused, blur the distinct pixels that make up the screen image. But the high contrast of LCDs can cause problems when you want to display graphics. CRTs soften the edges of graphics as well as text, and while this can make it hard to read text at very small resolutions, it also means CRTs can blend and convey subtleties in photographs better than LCDs. Also, LCDs have only one “native” resolution, limited by the number of pixels physically built into the display. If you buy a modern 15 inch TFT, it’s native resolution will be 1024×768. Emulating 800 x 600 on this screen will cause it to produce a picture where everything displayed looks to have fuzzy edges. A further note is that Many people claim that TFTs are crisper, but at close working distances the pixel structure is visible on a TFT. This is not the case on modern CRT screens, where the dot pitch is at or below 0.25mm.

Basically, what we’re saying in this article is stick to a CRT screen if you’re a gamer, artist or graphic designer. LCD TFT (active matrix) monitors are still the preserve of those looking for a small desktop solution for every day work such as word processing and surfing the web.